NexTemp Ultra Disposable Thermometer

(100 Pcs per box)

Price per unit: $83 / Box

Min. Quantity required to purchase: 2000 Pcs (20 boxes)


Single-use, clinical thermometers offering unsurpassed accuracy and maximum infection control.

NexTemp® and NexTemp® Ultra single-use thermometers are individually wrapped and are intended
to be disposed of after use, circumventing the risk of transferring colds, germs, and infections by
providing a clean instrument that is used once and then discarded. NexTemp® thermometers safely
measure a body’s temperature, while delivering unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.

Why should you trust the Medical Indicators family of products?

  • American Made – Medical Indicators has been based in and manufacturing all of our thermometers
    in the US since our inception, more than 35 years ago.
  • Unsurpassed Accuracy – NexTemp® thermometers feature Liquid Crystal Technology, a patented
    chemistry system that delivers the highest level of accuracy available in a clinical thermometer.
  • Eco-Friendly – produces 66% less waste than reusable thermometers that need probe covers,
    batteries, and replacement parts, as well as wipes and other cleaning chemicals which are needed
    after every use.
  • Affordable – saves more than 70% annually, compared to reusable thermometers with a low initial
    product acquisition cost, and no additional costs for batteries, probe covers, cords, and cleaning
    supplies, as well as no additional labor costs to clean, recalibrate, or repair other thermometers.
  • Maximum Infection Control – virtually eliminates the risk of infectious disease transfer from a
    medical device to a patient, including COVID-19, C. diff, MRSA, MDROs, Norovirus, Rotavirus and
    other HAIs.

$83 / Box

Min. Quantity: 20 Boxes / 2000 Pcs


 *Product Approved from

Health Canada


– Highly accurate to ±0.2 ºF/±0.1 ºC
– Non-toxic, latex free, waterproof and hypoallergenic
– Offers a 5-year shelf life
– No temperature-controlled storage needed
– NexTemp® offers a 20-second temperature read time
– NexTemp® Ultra offers a 1-minute temperature read time
– Does not require batteries, cords, or probe covers
– No calibrating or cleaning is required
– Light-weight and compact
– Ideal for clinical settings, at-home use or on-the-go
– Also available in NexTemp® Plus for rectal use

Product Brochure: NexTemp2021