Frequently Ordered Items (FOI) lists

Place orders using one of your FOI lists

Once you build your lists ordering becomes a snap
- Just select the list to order
- Change items quantities if needed
- Click "Place Order"
- Proceed to finalize your order

Manage your FOI lists

- You can update items quantities, add or remove items any time, just select "Frequently Ordered Items" from the left side menu.

Create FOI list from Outstanding order

- Proceed with selecting your items using the Catalogue or Product Search.
- Add items to your order
- When all items are added, Click "New Frequently Ordered Items"
button before submitting your order to create your new list.

Create an FOI list

- Assign a name to your list, e.g. APO, weekly...etc.
- Select whether the list will be shared by users of your pharmacy or private.
- Enter an SKU (any SKU e.g. 9396 to start your list).
- Click "Save" to save your list.

Add items to your list

- Use "Product Search" to find your items
- Click on product "Name" and click on "Add to Frequently Ordered Items" button after selecting "Existing" list
- Change items quantities to your desired order & click "Update Quantity" button.
- Repeat the above steps until you complete your list.