Air Sterilization & Infection Control Unit

Available Models:

HA 1060 : $3850

HA 1060PG : $4250

HA1060F1808 : $4550

HA1060F1808PG : $4950


Delivers healthy air by killing pathogens including bacteria and viruses like H1 N1, Human Coronavirus as well as HAI casuing pathogens like C. difficile, MRSA, VRE and CRE, & capturing microscopic particles.

Product highlights:

  • The most effective air sterilization system
  • High airborne disinfection rate
  • True HEPA grade 99.99% air purification in place integrity tested
  • Germicidal grade sterilization
  • Lightweight & maneuverable caster wheels
  • Antimicrobial casing
  • Zero bypass design integrity test